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Schindler, Hoffmann, Schmidt und Thomma!*

* and all other related families.

Multi language Site

This website is the first time available in different languages. With this I like to make it easier to our Family members who are speaking English or Danish to take advantage of this site.

The englisch translation is mostly done by myself, for the danisch translation i have to use a automatic translation provided by Google as I unfortunately dont speak Danish.

I hope the danisch translation will work and be open to corrections by English or Danish native speakers.

Ancestry Chart Views

The publishing of the Ancestry Chart and the associated data is done by a individual program in this current website.

I decided to do so as the former used script was not able to provide interaction and also multi language options. This new script is providing multi language and interactive possibilities for supporting my work.

Please follow the link to the Ancestry Chart in the main menu. Don't forget to switch your language to English in the top right corner of the start page of the Ancestry Chart System.

Anytime on the look for new informations

For my Ancestry Chart Project I am all the time looking for new informations about our ancestors.

This could be pictures and documents of all kind. If you find something that is in connection to your / our ancestors I would be happy to receive a copy or a orignal so I can file the document in our Family Archive.

Please use the contact page of this site to get in contact with me.

FamilyTree Statistics

Unsere Statistik / Our Statistic / Vores Statistik

567 Persons

216 Families

118 Places

3 Languages


Ancestry Tree Functions

Graphical Overview

For each person in the family tree, there is a graphical overview available.

Event Mapping

To all the people and the events of these people, there is now an event map.

Overview on stored media

For each person a list of all stored media is available.

Relationships Overview

You can now interactively determine relationship between two people.

Search for Places

The search for places is now realized very comfortable.


Discover the new calendar with all events from our family tree.

Please switch the language on the Startpage of the Module to ENGLISH!




According to the trend in web design this website "responsive". This means it fit their appearance to the display of

  • your PC or Mac
  • your iPad or other tablet
  • your iPhone or other smartphone.


This site offers all of these devices the same comfort and looks good.

New items in our News

Uwe Schindler's picture
By Uwe Schindler

New update in the FamilyTree added 109 persons!

Dec 30, 2014

Today I uploaded a new update in the family tree program. Thanks to the help of Adelheid Steenemann (born Voigt) and Gerda Matz (born Herrmann) I could add 109 people, 47 families and 13 new places to the database today. Unfortunately, for most people only basic data are available, but I can get with some people in contact and collect more data from existing information also. We will add more data quality soon to the persons. Continue reading

Uwe Schindler's picture
By Uwe Schindler

The new FamilyTree-Project Design Language

Oct 28, 2014

In the last weeks I have developed a new design language for FamilyTree Project. This included the development of a new logo. This change is probably one of the most striking changes.  Old Logo The old logo was designed by myself and was very simple, but has fulfilled its obligations in recent years.  Continue reading

Uwe Schindler's picture
By Uwe Schindler

Social media sites are now set up!

Oct 28, 2014

With the GoLive of the new website the social media pages of Familytree-Project.com have been released now. From now on our family research can also be reached on the following social media services:  Continue reading

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